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Stimulus Check and Package Update September 29, 2020

Stimulus Check Update

Stimulus Check and Package Update September 29, 2020


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Quick Overview

  • Stimulus package negotiations have resumed between the White House Negotiating Team and the House Democrats.
  • The Democrats have unveiled their new $2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package, known as the HEROES Act 2.0.
  • The HEROES Act 2.0 includes $1,200 stimulus checks, $600 weekly unemployment benefits until January 2021, and a second round of PPP.
  • The first of three Presidential Debates will be held tonight between President Trump and Joe Biden.
  • There will be 6 topics discussed tonight, two of them will be Covid-19 and the economy.
  • It is expected that both President Trump and Joe Biden will both address the stimulus checks, the current stimulus package, and further stimulus relief in 2021.
  • Up to today, there has now been over 1 million Covid-19 related fatalities worldwide.
  • President Trump announced the federal government’s plan to deliver over 100 million Rapid Covid-19 Test Kits to the states.
  • The first batch of 6.5 million test kits will be delivered this week. These rapid test kits are from Abbott Labs and give test results within 15 minutes without the use of lab equipment.

Stimulus Package Negotiations

Stimulus package negotiations have suddenly resumed after the Democrats in the House of Representatives made a new offer. The new offer is the HEROES Act 2.0 for $2.2 trillion dollars. Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the House, unveiled the 2,152 page bill last night.

The new stimulus package offers:

  • a second stimulus check for $1,200 per taxpayer and $500 for all dependents.
  • the extension of federal unemployment benefits for $600 a week until January of 2021.
  • renter assistance and homeowner assistance to help make monthly rent, mortgage, and utility payments in order to fight against homelessness.
  • food security programs to increase SNAP benefits and additional funding for nutrition programs
  • a second round of PPP money for small businesses and the self-employed
  • $436 billion dollars for state and local governments
  • $225 billion for schools to protect children and faculty
  • and many more items.

Nancy Pelosi says

“It takes money to crush the virus. We can get this done.”

Pelosi and Mnuchin were working on the stimulus package last night. Details of that conversation were not released by their PR teams. However, Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, said that Pelosi and Mnuchin will continue negotiations today.

It is good to see the stimulus package negotiations moving in the right direction because Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats, has now been compromising.

Here are some of the compromises that Nancy Pelosi has given:

  • The original HEROES Act was $3.4 trillion dollars.
  • They hit a stalemate at $2.4 trillion dollars.
  • This offer has now been compromised down furthermore to $2.2 trillion.
  • Mnuchin said one of the Republican priorities was the airlines.
  • The Democrats have included a $32 billion dollar bailout of the airline industry in this HEROES Act 2.0.
  • The Democrats have reduced their request for state and local government assistance from $915 billion to $436 billion.

Nancy Pelosi said

“Democrats are making good on our promise to compromise with this updated bill, which is necessary to address the immediate health and economic crisis facing America’s working families right now”.

I need to give credit when it is due. Thank you to the Democrats for compromising and getting us closer to a deal. Right now, the Democrats opening offer with the new stimulus package is $2.2 trillion dollars. The Republicans are at $1.5 trillion dollars. This is big progress from their original positions because they were originally $2.4 trillion dollars apart, now they are only $700 billion dollars apart.

Political News

The first of three Presidential Debates will be tonight at 9 P.M Eastern Time and 6 P.M. Pacific Time. It will be televised on all major TV channels. It will also air on C-SPAN’s YouTube Channel. It will last for 90 minutes with zero commercial breaks.

The debate will consist of six 15 minute rounds which include:

  • Covid-19
  • The Economy
  • The Supreme Court
  • Trump and Biden’s Achievements and Records
  • Election Integrity
  • And Race and Policing

These debates are known to be critical to people that are still deciding on which candidate they will be voting for. We are running our own poll to see if these debates will influence your vote.

If you are a Democrat, if you are a Republican, if you are an Independent, please come to our poll and let us know if this debate will influence your vote or not. We’re very curious to see how important these Presidential Debates really are.

Thank you for participating and helping us and thank you for your support. And good luck to both candidates tonight.

Covid-19 News

  • Covid-19 cases are remaining steady in the United States as we reported 33,037 cases and 316 fatalities on Monday, this is according to the Johns Hopkins University.
  • President Trump announced that the federal government will ship over 100 million Rapid Covid-19 test kits to the states by the end of the year.
  • The federal government is buying 150 million of these tests from Abbot Labs.
  • These rapid tests give results in 15 minutes, rather than hours or days, which is expected to help save thousands of lives through early detection.
  • The first shipment of 6.5 million test kits goes out this week.
  • With these rapid testing kits, it’s supposed to help schools reopen and be a great preventative tool at nursing homes.

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