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Stimulus Check and Package Update for October 5, 2020

Stimulus Check Update

Stimulus Check and Package Update for October 5, 2020


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Quick Overview

  • We will cover the status of the second stimulus check and the stimulus package.
  • Nancy Pelosi, who is the leader of the Democrats, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is on the White House Negotiating Team, have been working on the stimulus deal throughout the weekend. More Democrats in the House of Representatives are demanding that Nancy Pelosi accept the Republican counteroffer.
  • The Senate was supposed to be in session this week. However, the Senators have decided to take 2 weeks off after three Senators got Covid.
  • Most recent polls have Joe Biden in the lead over President Trump by 14% nationally. However, in October of 2016, the headlines were “Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 14 points nationally”.
  • President Trump’s condition is improving. He says that he has now learned about Covid from first-hand experience and his quote was “it’s a very interesting thing and I’m going to be letting you know about it”.
  • President Trump has been going on a Twitter Rampage this morning. I personally counted, and he has already tweeted 18 times this morning.
  • Covid-19 cases are holding steady near 38,000 cases in the United States.

Second Stimulus Check and Package News

Let’s begin with the status of the second stimulus check and the stimulus package negotiations.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi have been working throughout the weekend in order to reach a compromise. Nancy Pelosi said on CBS on Sunday that the lawmakers are making progress on the negotiations.

Please note, that’s it’s just Mnuchin and Pelosi doing the negotiating.

For this stimulus package, the negotiations have been conducted by Mnuchin, Pelosi, and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. As we discussed two weeks ago, Mark Meadows is known for blowing up deals. Therefore, it’s good to see that Meadows has been left out of the most recent negotiations. Therefore, currently, it’s back to just Mnuchin and Pelosi doing the negotiating, which is how it has been for the first 4 stimulus packages.

President Trump has continuously been telling the Republican politicians to spend more money on the stimulus package. President Trump’s last stimulus tweet was:

“Our Great USA wants and needs stimulus. Work together and get it done!”

President Trump, leader of the Republican Party, is frustrated that the Republican politicians are not willing to spend more money. The Democratic politicians are frustrated with their leader, Nancy Pelosi, for rejecting all the Republican offers.

And we the People are frustrated with our politicians.

The Blue Dog Coalition, which is a caucus of Democrats in the House of Representatives, delivered a letter this weekend to their own leader, Nancy Pelosi, demanding her to compromise and accept an offer. The letter says that the Republican counteroffer

“will contain provisions we as Democrats do not like and omit provisions we want. But our country is in crisis, and we must not let the perfect become the enemy of good. Congress should stay here in Washington to keep negotiating, no matter how difficult, and we must reach an agreement”.

The Democrats are saying that the $1.62 trillion dollar stimulus package offer from the Republicans is not perfect, but it’s good enough. The Republican offer would give a second stimulus check, the extension of unemployment benefits, a second round of PPP, renter assistance, mortgage assistance, food assistance programs, state and local government funding, and much more.

In this letter are Democratic politicians signing off from California to Illinois to New York to Florida.

Currently, in the stimulus package negotiations, the Democrats are waiting for the Republicans to respond with a new and formal counter offer.

Political News

In Political News, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee tried to bail out the airlines.

The airlines accepted money from the last stimulus package, the CARES Act, and one of the terms was that the airlines couldn’t layoff or furlough employees until September 30th. On October 1st, which was last Thursday, the airlines started furloughing tens of thousands of employees and they plan to have large scale layoffs.

A stand-alone bill for an airline bailout was presented in the House of Representatives and it was rejected by the Republicans. The bill was drafted by the Democrats and the Republicans wanted more details on the wording of the bill.

Nancy Pelosi told the airlines to hold off on the furloughs and layoffs because relief is coming soon in the stimulus package.

The CEO of American Airlines and the CEO of United Airlines said that they’re going to follow through with the furloughs and layoffs but they are open to reinstating employees if the airlines receive more assistance.

That is what is going on in the House of Representatives.

In the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for a two-week break. The Senate was supposed to be in session this week, until 3 Senators got Covid.

In all fairness, the Senate was not doing much anyways since they’ve been invoking the two-hour rule, which means that the Senators are required to stop working for the day after two hours. This two-week break is not expected to affect the nomination process for Judge Barrett for the Supreme Court Justice Nomination.

Covid-19 News

Covid 19 cases are remaining steady in the United States at 38,630 new cases and 410 fatalities on Sunday, this is according to the Johns Hopkins University.

President Trump is still at the Walter Reed Military Hospital. The doctors are saying that he’s doing well and improving. He is certainly in good spirits as he’s been binge tweeting. I’ve personally counted 18 tweets this morning alone.

To summarize his tweets, President Trump says that next year will be the best year ever. President Trump says he’s going to give us more tax cuts, the strongest military ever, he’s going to give us a space force, law and order, religious liberty, and save our second amendment.

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