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Stimulus Check Update and Stimulus Package Update August 16, 2020

Stimulus Check Update

Stimulus Check Update and Stimulus Package Update August 16, 2020


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Quick Overview

  • The US Census data shows that more Americans are going hungry while our politicians are on vacation.
  • I’ll explain to you why there’s so much drama between President Trump and the Democrats when it comes to the Post Office.
  • Pelosi is calling the Post Office situation an emergency and is considering bringing back the politicians early from their vacation, because it jeopardizes the elections in November.
  • The Democratic Convention begins tomorrow.
  • President Trump’s younger brother, Robert Trump, passed away.
  • Covid-19 cases are remaining steady under 50,000 daily cases.

Party Updates

The Post Office is causing a lot of drama between President Trump and the Democrats and here’s why. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and House Majority Whip, Jim Clyburn, held an emergency leadership meeting yesterday. They want to bring back the politicians early to vote on a Post Office bill.

The Democrats want to give the Post Office $25 billion in the stimulus package but the Trump Administration refuses. Here’s the backstory of why President Trump is against the Post Office and how it now affects the Democrats and the elections.

It is no secret that President Trump and the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, do not like each other. Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post, a news outlet, and the Washington Post is always trying to make President Trump look bad. When it comes to the Post Office, President Trump says that Amazon abuses the post office for last-mile shipping.

Basically, if shipping routes are too expensive for Amazon, they just dump those money-losing route on the Post Office. Therefore, President Trump is saying that he will not bail out the Post Office unless they raise their shipping rates, which would hurt Amazon and get back at Bezos.

President Trump’s opposition against providing more money to the Post Office is now a big problem with the Democrats. This is because the Democrats are saying that there’s going to be a record volume of mail-in voting for this election, due to Covid-19. If the Post Office is underfunded, then the Post Office will be understaffed, and won’t be able to process all the mail-in votes in time by election day.

On Friday, the Post Office issued a warning to all 50 states, that mail-in ballots may not be received by election offices in time to be counted. Chuck Schumer, Leader of the Democrats in the Senate, is demanding that 100% of the votes be counted by election day, his quote was “not 94% not 97%, but 100%”.

For that reason, to ensure proper staffing and funding for mail-in voting, Democrats are requesting $25 billion in the next stimulus package for the post-office, of which, $3.5 billion would be directed towards mail-in voting. Because stimulus package negotiations are currently at a stalemate, the Democrats are looking to do stand-alone bills.

But this will face opposition because President Trump believes that mail-in voting would give an advantage to the Democrats due to all the fraud. President Trump said yesterday that

“universal mail-in voting is going to be catastrophic and would make our country a laughing stock all over the world”.

Adding fuel to the fire, the White House appointed a Trump Ally and big GOP donor to be the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, in May of this year who is the one implementing cutbacks in the Post Office.

President Trump describes Postmaster General Louis DeJoy as a

“fantastic man who wants to make the Post Office great again”.

President Trump said

“I don’t know what he’s doing, but I can only tell you he’s a very smart man”.

If you didn’t catch it, I need to point out that the politicians are prioritizing Post Office issues and the election campaign over the American People. The politicians are willing to have emergency meetings, call back politicians early, and pass stand alone bills, actions they are unwilling to do when it comes to the American people.

In the meantime, the US Census data shows that Americans who can’t afford enough food for their families, is growing. Their reports show 12.1% of households didn’t have enough to eat, up from 9.8% in May. 20% of Americans with children could not afford to give their children enough food, this is up from 17% in June. Food banks are seeing demand surge and more Americans are expected to experience food insecurity because of the expiration of federal unemployment benefits.

Other News Highlights

  • The Democratic Convention will be this week Monday through Thursday.
  • The Democratic Convention is where they officially nominate a candidate for President and Vice President. This will of course be for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
  • The Republican Convention will be held next Monday – Thursday.
  • Robert Trump, President Trump’s younger brother, passes away at age 71.
  • Robert Trump’s passing was after a hospitalization due to an unspecified illness.

Robert Trump and President Trump were close, President Trump said

“he was not just my brother, he was my best friend”.

Covid-19 News

  • The United States reported 47,913 new cases and 1,029 fatalities on Saturday according to the John Hopkins University.
  • We’re currently plateauing in the 40,000 to 60,000 daily case range for the past few weeks.
  • The Medical Community is concerned that the figures will worsen as schools and universities reopen.

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