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A Letter to Mitch McConnell

2nd Stimulus Package

A Letter to Mitch McConnell



We are sending Mitch McConnell a letter to express our anger with the lack of action in passing the 2nd stimulus package. Please feel free to download the letter below and mail it in yourself.

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Mailing Address

Mitch McConnell

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

The full content of the letter is as follows:

Dear Senator McConnell,

You have an impressive list of backers, which include casino operators, such as the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, energy companies, such as Petrodome and Chevron.

Humana, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the list goes on. It’s a very impressive list.

We know that the most important component of the stimulus package for your donors and your corporate backers is legal liability protection, which would be great for their corporate profits.

If you have forgotten, let me remind you that you have a duty to the American People, not to your donors.

The American People are not calling for over-the-top liability protection because under ordinary laws, businesses are already protected from frivolous lawsuits.

Please stop focusing on the interest of your donors and please focus on the needs of the American People.

You are the Leader of the Senate and you are setting a bad example.

We noticed that you did not attend a single stimulus package negotiation meeting when the Senate was last in session.

We hope that you and your fellow Senators enjoyed your 31 days of paid vacation from taxpayer money, while our country is experiencing a pandemic, while Americans are sick, dying, and losing jobs, while families are being evicted, and while American children do not have enough food to eat and need to rely on food pantries.

The Senate is failing the American People. You, as the Senate Majority Leader, are failing the American People.

We kindly request that you prioritize the well-being of the American People and provide relief to the United States of America.


ClearValue Tax and Friends

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